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                  Source: Insight Ningbo  | 2022-08-15 09:19:27

                    The Fantawild Oriental Heritage. /寧波方特東方神畫景區。

                    [Photo by Zhuo Songlei, Yu Changsheng]卓松磊虞昌勝攝

                    By Dong Na

                    Located near the south end of the Hangzhou Bay Bridge, the Fantawild Oriental Heritage is a large theme park with high-tech rides. The park has eight areas: Folk Tales, Chinese Opera, Classic Love Legends, Fascinating Culture, Acrobatics, Folk Festivals, Folk Crafts, and Fun Rides.


                    As you walk through the park, you will see many majestic buildings inspired by traditional Chinese culture.


                    The park has more than 20 rides that utilize advanced technology such as 360-degree projection and animatronics to give visitors an immersive experience. Notable rides include "Nüwa Mending the Sky" and "Eternal Butterfly Love".


                    Now that summer vacation has begun, the park is putting on regular night-time parades. After dark, traditional and modern music performances, fireworks, and water-splashing games transform the park into a land of excitement. Weekend crowds at the park could reach 20,000.